Home Inspection Types


Pre-Purchase Inspection
Pre-Purchase Home Inspections are for homebuyers purchasing a pre-owned or newly constructed home. The inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and the major mechanical systems of the home, from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. The types of structures we inspect include and is not limited to single family homes, townhouse, carriage houses, condominiums, mobile homes, duplexes, apartment buildings and commercial buildings. The inspection is conducted according to the Standards of Practice of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  If problems, signs of future problems, or needed maintenance are found, we may recommend further evaluation by contractors or licensed tradesmen. We will provide information on the proper operation and maintenance of the homes major systems. The findings are reviewed and presented on a computer generated Home Inspection Report that is printed on site near the end of the inspection. The Pre-Purchase Home Inspection helps to reduce your risk and gives you a better understanding of the home you are purchasing. Thus, it will help you to negotiate with confidence.




Sellers Pre-Listing Inspections
Sellers Pre-Listing Inspections are for home owners and sellers preparing to place their home on the market. The inspection is the same as a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection and will give you the opportunity to address any repairs that need to be completed beforehand, potentially increasing the value and marketability of your home. Today's seller wants to close their deal knowing they made a full disclosure of the condition of the home being sold and reduce their liability by adding supporting documentation. By having an inspection before listing, you're prepared for items that may be revealed on the home buyer's inspection. You may prevent extended negotiations if the repairs are already completed. The Home Inspection Report can be used to show potential buyers what repairs or maintenance items have been addressed and that you are working towards the quick sell of your home.




First Year Anniversary Inspections
First Year Anniversary Inspections are completed near the end of the first year of ownership before the builder's one-year warranty expires. The inspection is the same as a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection and will let you know how your new home has aged over its first year. The Home Inspection Report and supporting documentation will give you the leverage needed to get the builder to take care of any structural or mechanical issues found during the inspection. We will also educate you on how to maintain your home and its major mechanical systems. Once the first year of ownership passes, who knows what types of unwanted and expensive repairs may surface that you may not have the leverage to have the builder resolve.





Home Maintenance Inspections
Home Maintenance Inspections can be completed at any time and are for the home owner that wants to be pro-active in the maintenance of their home. The inspection is the same as a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection and will inform you of the overall condition of your home so that you can take care of minor repairs before they become major problems or safety issues, and thus more expensive to repair. The information and knowledge gained will also allow you to plan for and manage future repairs and their associated expenses. A Home Maintenance Inspection is one of the best ways to protect your investment, and in many cases the largest single investment you will ever make. Many home owners have a Home Maintenance Inspection on an annual basis for their peace of mind.



Commercial Property Inspections
Commercial Property Inspections are typically completed for investment properties. The inspection will vary depending on the size and type of building being inspected. "Light" Commercial Property Inspections are for structures that are similar in construction and major systems design as a single family home, like smaller apartment buildings, and are inspected like a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection. A "Standard" Commercial Property Inspection is for a building that has multiple systems handling the entire building and may require a team of professional inspectors and possible engineers depending on the specifics of the building and the client's requirements. We will schedule and coordinate the entire inspection process and generate the multifaceted report and documentation that is required by the client.



Re-Inspections of Requested Repairs
Re-Inspections of Requested Repairs is typically completed after the owner has taken care of any repairs asked for by your Realtor and/or yourself that were noted on the Pre-Purchase Home Inspection. In most cases the re-inspection is completed before you close on your new home. The owner of the home may have had good intentions about the repairs, but may not have had them completed by a licensed professional tradesman. Thus the repairs could have been completed improperly and may not be safe. Only the items requested to be repaired are examined during the re-inspection.



Pre-Closing Walk-Thru Inspections
A Pre-Closing Walk-Thru Inspection is completed in many cases only hours before you close on your new home. The inspection checks the walk-thru items that are required to be functional at the time of closing. These items would include electrical receptacles, switches and fixtures; plumbing fixtures; all conveying appliances; and the heating and air conditioning. The inspection is not as in-depth as a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection but a necessity to go to the closing table.



Builders & Remodelers Inspections
A Builders & Remodelers Inspection is scheduled at several stages during the actual construction with a final inspection at the completion of the project. Many mortgage companies or lenders require these "progress" inspections to be sure that the construction work is being completed as scheduled and to confirm the request by the contractor to receive funding for the different stages of the project. At the completion, the final inspection will add accountability to the contractor and for his work.



Environmental Safety Testing
Coming Soon!

Beach Home Inspections is excited to announce the introduction of our new Environmental Safety Testing, with the ability to test for lead on surfaces, on plumbing supply lines and in the water...municipal and well water testing to include bacteria...and air quality testing to include mold. We are training our Inspectors and working out the details with the manufacturing labs for the testing products and equipment.

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NACHI: The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors is a non-profit organization helping home inspectors achieve financial success and maintain inspection excellence.

Beach Home Inspection's Reports meet or exceed the Standards of Practice of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors as well as those of ASHI and NAHI.
The links below are for downloading and viewing the Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics that our Professional Home Inspectors abide by.

NACHI Standards of Practice
NACHI Code of Ethics


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