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      ·         Computer Generated Home Inspection Report


      ·         Child Safety Inspection


      ·         Customized Binder


      ·         Customized Realtor Folder


      ·         Realtor’s Hold Harmless Clause


      ·         Ability to E-Mail, Fax & Print Multiple Reports


      ·         Professional Presentation


      ·         Members of Professional Organizations


      ·         Code of Ethics


      ·         Locally Owned & Operated


      ·         Licensed & Insured


      ·         Member of the Better Business Bureau


      ·         Satisfaction Guarantee


      ·         On-Time Guarantee


      ·         Second Home Inspection Discount


      ·         Flexible Scheduling


      ·         Technical Assistance


      ·         Home Buyers Education


      ·         FREE Beach Home Inspections “Stuff”



> Computer Generated Home Inspection Report:   Our Home Inspection Reports are detailed, comprehensive, easy to understand, and are printed on site. The Home Inspection Report can include pictures of hidden defects, major defects and safety issues (optional – see Inspection Fees), and does meet or exceed the Standards of Practice of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors as well as ASHI and NAHI…


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>   Child Safety Inspection:   If there will be younger children in your new home, we will tailor our inspection to also include Child Safety notes and information on making your new home safe for the little ones…


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>   Customized Binder:   You will receive a binder packed full of information to include the Home Inspection Report, 128 page “to-the-point” Homeowners Handbook; an Environmental Concerns Booklet about EPA facts on Mold, Lead and Radon; an Energy Savers Booklet published by the US Department of Energy; and many other useful tidbits of information…


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>   Customized Realtor Folder:   Your Realtor will receive their own folder which will include the Home Inspection Report and a Summary Page tailored for their use…


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>   Realtor’s Hold Harmless Clause:   We are sure that you want to protect your Realtor from any issue that might arise related to the Home Inspection Report so we include within the Home Inspection Agreement a Realtor’s Hold Harmless Clause…


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>   Ability to E-mail, Fax & Print Multiple Copies:   We have the ability to E-Mail (in Adobe .PDF Format) and Fax the Home Inspection Report from the Home Inspection location and can print as many copies of the report that you may need…


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>   Professional Presentation:   We will present the Home Inspection findings and report to you, your Realtor and anyone else that YOU request, in a relaxed, fun but professional, non-threatening objective presentation that will be clear to understand and in perspective…


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>   Members of Professional Organizations:   All of our Professional Home Inspectors are Members in the leading non-profit professional association for independent Home Inspectors. The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) is the only Professional Home Inspector association that “front-ends” its membership requirements and never uses a candidate or associate classification. Thus you are assured that your Home Inspector has the training, knowledge and Certified expertise to get the job done. We are also Members in the Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors…


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>   Code of Ethics:   All of our Home Inspectors subscribe to and abide by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. This insures you that you Home Inspector completes the Home Inspection professionally, ethically and completed unbiased…


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>   Locally Owned & Operated:   We are not a franchise. You can be assured that we are here to serve and protect your best interest since we operate and live in your neighborhoods and support the same communities and cities. We are licensed, insured, incorporated and NACHI Certified…


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>   Licensed & Insured:   Beach Home Inspections and each of our Home Inspectors are completely licensed and insured to perform a Home Inspection by the guidelines set by the State of Virginia and the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, as well as the Better Business Bureau of Hampton Roads. Did you know that you are responsible for any damages to the property that we may make? Don't worry, we do not fall through ceilings on a regular basis but if we did the repair expenses would be on us


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>   Member of the Better Business Bureau:   We are a Member in good standings with the Better Business Bureau of Hampton Roads. Being a Member in the BBB ensures you that you are dealing with a business that is committed to doing business to the BBB quality and customer satisfaction standards…


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>   Satisfaction Guarantee:   We are in business to accomplish one thing and that is to provide you with the quality information that you need to help reduce your risk on the purchase of your new home! We work hard to give you that information and our Home Inspection Service is a long term investment. If you are not completely satisfied with our work and we cannot resolve your concern, then the Home Inspection is free…


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>   On-Time Guarantee:   If our Home Inspector is late to your Home Inspection by even one minute and for any reason, we will reduce your inspection fee by $1 per minute late up to $30 / 30 minutes after the first 15 minutes…


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>   Second Home Inspection Discount:   If the home being inspected is not purchased for any reason, we will inspect your next home being purchased for 25% off of our regular Inspection Fees. The new Home Inspection must be done within 90 days of the original Home Inspection and with the same Realtor/Real Estate Firm…


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>   Flexible Scheduling:   We work hard at being available to do your Home Inspection when you need us. We understand that scheduling can be difficult when there are multiple parties involved. Besides Monday through Friday, we also have Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and evening (when enough daylight allows) scheduling available. Yes, we work 7 days a week…


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>   Technical Assistance:   If you have a problem or a question about your new home, give us a call! We provide you the homeowner and your Realtor technical assistance for as long as you own that home. We will do our best to answer your question or point you in the right direction to find that answer. Our website has an area, Reference Information, which was designed and added to our website to help you with many issues in regards to your home, safety around your home and our local communities. Our Home Inspection Service is a long term investment!


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>   Home Buyers Education:   We are not here to just tell you what may be wrong with your new home, but we are also dedicated to teaching you about the systems of your home and how to take care of maintenance and problems that may arise. We will help you to understand the components, operation and maintenance of your new home with the ultimate goal of helping you to protect your investment which may be the single largest investment that you will ever make…


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>   FREE Beach home Inspections “Stuff”:   We will give you as part of the Home Inspection Package some FREE Beach Home Inspections logo items, such as pens, note pads, tape measures, electrical outlet testers and possibly other goodies depending on what we have in stock at the time of the inspection. Yes, we do this to advertise for our company, but we also like giving our clients some useful items to be used around their new homes…


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